GRG PUBG Killtacular Tournament Sign up and Info Thread

Who is ready for a PUBG Tournament? GRG is looking to run a PUBG Killtacular Tournament real soon. We are still hashing out the details. We are currently looking to create random duo teams. The goal is to get as many kills per round. Each team submits their top 3 games. Winner takes all (free vouchers at the glory hole).

I figure I’d start hyping it now. I’m also looking at ways to actually run this. The good thing is we can get PC and XBox guys involved.

Our initial ideas are:

  • We randomly pick teams. Players have a week to earn their top kills. They can play as little as 3 games or as many as they want.
  • Players submit screenshots of their scores.
  • We have @valiantvictory do the maths to determine a winner (he’s smart with numbers).

Some concerns are:

  • I want teams to play together. Scores only count if both teamed up players are in the game as Duos.
  • I want a way to verify that both players submitted scores are from the same game.
  • PS if you cheat you suck at life.

Anyway, who’s interested? And who has any ideas how to get this to work (remember the K.I.S.S. rule kids).

BTW, I’ll need to know what platform you are on.


I should tag @PUBGPlayers

Oh yea…

I am in. XBOX.

I am down. Can play either PC or on xbox.

will be tough to prove teams play together as end game screens with kill counts dont show teammates. there there is the question if i play in a squad with my teammate can i count that game or does it have to be duos.

I’m in on Xbox

I’m in. Either Xbox or PC.

I’m in… Xbox

Instead of straight kills, I’d be looking for some type of weighted scoring with Team Kills, Average Finish and PPG. I’ve had plenty of games in Duos and squads where 1 kill per person gets us to the final circle or a Chicken dinner.

I am in on this one too.

Are you volunteering to setup said system, chase down the info from players, and enter all the data, etc? :rofl:

It’s not bad idea but we really just want to keep it simple.

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@shortbus wants this

and GRG is at this level


Actually, this is GRG math


I could get in on this. I can do PC or xbox.

Depends on what date the tournament is on and if I can get that day off from work

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I think if you ask nicely @Gunny will give you the time off.

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I fucking hate Canada.

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I will log numbers/rounds in a google sheet posted in thread and inbed here when you guys get going…i will poop on cheaters

I hate math, so fuck you all and collecting anything from you knuckle-dragging mouth breathers. But sign me up to play