GRG LFG Thread Friday 1/25 the Anthem Edition


What’s everyone playing tonight? Post up here if you’re looking for a group to play with. We have people all over in games so you shouldn’t have an issue finding a group. Also, the Anthem VIP demo is in full swing so I’m sure we’ll have quite a few people trying out the upcoming game.

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I’ll be fucking around the Anthem beta tonight and will kick off a party on XBox. Just hop on in.


Will be trying out Anthem once I get the key and install the bad boy. Till then, COD it is…


Anthem of course, got buddies that want me to buy it but I’m very skeptical by both an EA published game and Biowares massive failure in the last Mass Effect. Anthem is going to have to really impress me and so far gameplay videos haven’t but I do understand that actually playing it will give me the truest feel for the game and this demo is going to be the deciding factor


I will be in the Anthem Beta. I will still have 1 extra code for someone if they want to try it. Message me to get it. If the Anthem Beta is not very good, I’m going to punch a hole in the wall, cancel my pre order and jump into D2


I’ll be on


Still trying to get Conan up to light level, so I’ll be rocking some Destiny with him



Yes I realize caps lock were on, but I’m too lazy to retype it


will be on Anthem if i can get in. other wise it will be COD.

FYI. 10 mins after the demo launched the EA servers are full.


I will be in Atlas.


It’s a demo, not beta.

I’ll be on assuming servers are up.


Don’t hold your breath. :laughing:


Ill be on either fallout 76 or blops 4 then may finish off with some conan exiles.


Yeah, I’m going to be busy trying to survive a viral outbreak in some Mountain Town.


Well Anthem didnlt work out. So played BLOPS 4 and got some of that 2XP.

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