GRG LFG Thread for Friday Night 12/7


Alright GRG, what are you all playing tonight? Who needs a squad!

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I’m wrapping up some Mehstiny grinding but plan to move over to either some Blackout action of BF5. Depending on where I can get a squad.


I think tonight is the night for the forge…and grinding of course…I’ll look for you @destinyplayers but please just join the party when you get on


Sadly I am without internet tonight due to some frustrating power issues in my house over the last two days.
Hope to get it all sorted over the weekend.

Just using mobile hotspot for now.


Sounds awful!


I will be on d2 tonight


I will be playing COD or BF on Xbox


I’ll be of BF


Might be down for some D2 grind but my 584ll is still to low for anything worthwhile. If I can’t find anything I might jump onto some black ops.