GRG LFG Thread 5/1

We haven’t had a LFG thread up for a bit. What’s everyone playing tonight? Let’s get some fireteams going and kick some ass. What’s everyone playing and who needs to fill out their squads?

@ArkPlayers @battlefieldplayers @codplayers @DestinyPlayers @DivisionPlayers @ED_Players @ESOPlayers @ForzaPlayers @GoWPlayers @GTAPlayers @HaloPlayers @OverwatchPlayers @PCGamers @PUBGPlayers @PlayStationPlayers @TitanfallPlayers

I think I got them all.

I’m tempted to get Season 4 of Fortnite and run that for a bit (if I can get a squad). Otherwise I’d love to run some dungeons in ESO.

…possibly could be talked into Paladins… maybe.

Tempted in Season 4 = will check even tho I fucking suck.

Dungeons in ESO = id be down. Got stuck on the story quests in Vvarden. Love em.

Now Paladins…

Been on it almost every night now, im for sure running a few matches tonight.

I’d like to see if a group is willing to jump into the final iron banner. Have a couple more meld/grenade kills to get the last token. I’m on X1 @DestinyPlayers

I changed map on Xbox Ark server to The island. This has stirred up interest again. Server name is Terrordome password is ST08

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Hit up @valiantvictory @ixL0N3W0LFxi @Sniper_T1 @ezekielJP . They’re usually playing Destiny.


Today ends in Y so I’ll be playing Madden then PUBG

I’m still grinding for gear, so I’ll be knee deep in Pledge dungeons. If anyone wants to join, just shoot me a message.

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I can probably speak for myself and @valiantvictory … We’ll be running an IB party all night.
I am betting @ezekielJP will be there also, if our discussion in party holds true.
I encourage you to join us @AsnPersuasion27 . We want a full GRG 6 person team if we can get it.
So all GRG are welcome… even @Lala_Calamari

I fell of the wagon and logged back into eso this weekend. I’m down for some dungeons

If you want to win, you’d want me on your team.

Great! I’ll add you guys when I’m home from work. I’ll be on earlyish, then have an appointment and will be on around 11pm central

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I can’t plan that far ahead, but if I am on I will be playing COD tonight, since last night it was broken. I’ll be playing some HC Ground War Mosh Pit if I get on. @codplayers

With any luck, if the drama dies down at the fort, I’m going to try to knock out some more Warframe.

You should hook up with @GRG_Jackal , he still plays.

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I’m down for COD or Fortnite.

Do you have a time machine? This post was for yesterday.


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