GRG LFG Friday Night thread 12/28


Starting a LFG thread to get you fuckers organized. Who’s playing what and who wants to squad up? Let us know what your plans are for tonight. Never game alone!

@Fallout76Players @TitanfallPlayers @PS4Players @OverwatchPlayers @SoTPlayers @ESOPlayers @GoWPlayers @DivisionPlayers @battlefieldplayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ArkPlayers @destinyplayers @PCGamers @forzaplayers



Any XBox @destinyplayers want to run some Iron Banana? I’m looking for a full crew to kick some ass and finish out the IB bounties.


Going to be playing COD on xbox and down for either Blackout or MP.


I am down for some Blops 4


Ill be on blops 4 or fo76 on the ps4 if any @PS4Players want to join me


BO 4 multiplayer hardcore for me . Hope the two new maps are added to the mode.


I’ll be on Destiny grinding a bit more light in preparation for raiding tonight @PS4Players @destinyplayers finishing up some milestones now


I should be on later tonight…trying to grind some EP right now for a weapon…all I’m getting is armor


Out tonight visiting family for extended Christmas.
Might be on Sunday for a bit.


That moment @battlefieldplayers when someone snipes you.


I’ll be on a bit then super late…freinds birthday…wants to go out and have a beer (destiny of course, cuz that’s all I play)


I’ll be on BFV tonight running grand operations.


I’ll be on…Well anything where folks are.
@PS4Players @battlefieldplayers @DivisionPlayers @ESOPlayers @Fallout76Players @destinyplayers

And yes I’ve been running incognito at times.
I need to figure out a better way to keep up with everyone…


Id be up for some fallout i need to grind the enclave first rank mission only got 2/10 commendations


Ravens hittin up Fallout 76 right now for anyone that would like to join him hit him up! @DarkNiteRaven