GRG Community Night - Turkey Day Eve!

Join GRG as we play private matches of Black Ops 3 and some Star Wars Battlefront.

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I’ll be on and will most likely hop from room to room again. Do some blops, some battlefront.

I will try. Will be out of town on the Hotel wifi or my borthers’. Either way my NAT will be moderate or strict.

not sure if ill be on… historically speaking… all my friends are in town for the holidays and we usually go out…

Nice, but I will be out of town.

I won’t be around for a bit after tonight. After the third bricking of my Xbone I’m sending it away tomorrow for a replacement. Not sure how long that will take.

I’ll be out of town from Wednesday until Sunday. Pray for me as I’ll be at my parents and in laws all weekend. Luckily i have to work, so some sanity will be kept.

Good luck Tex.
I will probably be on sometime after 9, but will probably be going silent. Sleeping infant in a small house. We will see

Bump to remind everyone.

Since I am dying to play this game, I’ll try and jump in when I can if you guys are still on.