GRG Community Night - Turkey Day Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, GRG!!!

I know we’re too old and curmudgeonly to go out on the biggest party night of the year, so let’s get in some games together! Post up what you’re playing and lets form some fire-teams. Don’t game alone!

CoD Private matches will probably take a week off. We’ll resume the action again next week. Look forward to some Gun Games.

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Odd cropping of the image but whatever.

double double xp

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I’ll be on till about 9 then I gotta go out of town but I’ll be playing the new modern warfare.

I will run a room for all that want to play-
I should be on around 9est

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I’ll be heading out of town by then for thanksgiving but if anyone wants to squad up before then I’ll be on

Borderlands for me if anyone wants to join and farm

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Iron banner!

Well we had 2 full groups in CoD rank whoring weapons up. Decided to try out the Aug and the PKM, both are solid.