GRG Community Night - The Return of Gaming Together 3/30

Join us tonight for another GRG Community Night. Every Wednesday we make it our goal to get as many GRG in the same game / party chat and shoot faces and the shit. Tonight’s Community night offers a wide array of games to play.

The XBoners have requested we run a private room of CoD BLOPS3. beers and leafs will be running that room. Don’t expect to play standard game modes. beers and leafs loves to add that odd surprise twist to each game.

On the PS4 side we have two lobbies up. First, catsweat will host a Destiny Iron Banner room. Join his room to earn epic lootz in Destiny. The other room will be a Division Dark Zone room run by LanceHung. The dude who put more time in the game than the actual developers.

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Guys, make sure to let us know what game / console you’ll be on. This way the room leaders know who to look for.

Xbox/Bo 3 ( everyone should have Nuke Town now since it is a free download map )

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If I make it on I’ll be on BLOPS3, being an anchor. Like anchors do.

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Make sure to just hop into @beers_and_leafs @HAWKLANDER or @Azalin4savioR’s room. Don’t wait on an invite. Crash that shit!

I hope to be on tonight for The Division.

I’d really love to join in for some BlOps, but it’s kind of hard to hook my XBone up to the TV in my hospital room. Have a great night, everyone. Shoot Azalin in the ass a few times for me.

Finally getting the “change”? Nice!

I figured the toe was finally getting a makeover?

You’re all so very supportive, and it warms my heart to know that I’ve got the love and affection of my peers to fall back upon in my time of woe. Plus, go fuck yourselves.