GRG Community Night - Regulators Edition 7/22

It’s that moment that all GRG members have been waiting for, it’s GRG’s Community Night. This week’s edition will focus on the GRG Regulators laying waste to Cyrodiil. We’ll be running a large group in TESO’s PvP under the Non-Veteran Campaign called Versidue Shaie. Also, Disney will be hosting CoD and Audible will be running a Planetside 2 room.

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I’ll be on tonight and in ESO’s PvP in the Non-Veteran Campaign called Versidue Shaie. You may want to make that your home campaign as we always seem to go to there. Don’t let the “PvP” scare you from joining. If you’re over level 10 adn on the XBox, come and join us. While we try very hard to win fights and cap points, we’re not really too serious.

Some things that may help you.

  • Stick Together. I can’t stress this enough. Do not go solo unless you want to be ganked. Run as a group.
  • Call Targets. If you see a weakened foe, call it so everyone can nuke him down. We all want to focus fire. The quicker they die the better.
  • Stick Together. You will die by yourself
  • Don’t run unless it’s called. Having members run off during a fight kills the groups chance of winning a fight. Don’t retreat unless it’s called.
  • Stick Together. You won’t get buffs or heals if you’re all spread out
  • Buy some siege. If you have Alliance points, buy some siege. At least a Stone Trebuchet and a Fire ballista. Remember, you can stow away deployed siege, so don’t leave it.
  • Stick Together. Seriously, we’re an “organized” clan. Stay the fuck together. No Squirreling.
  • Buy some Grand Soul Gems - You can pay cash or alliance points. Fill them up at the target dummies in the PvP practice range. Reviving Allies during a fight can change the battle and help cap keeps.
  • Fight on the Flags. When we are capping farms, mines, lumbermills, Keeps and castles, fight on the flag. Our goal is to change the flags color ASAP.
  • Stick Together. Seriously, L2Play. DON’T Run off!
  • Have Fun. I know this list may come off as me being a hard ass but it’s just to help those new to large scale PvP. Bring out your adult beverage of choice, your best Mom jokes and have fun. It’s really a good time.
  • Stick Together - IT’S REALLY NOT THAT FUCKING HARD TO DO. Those that don’t spend 1 hour in Landon’s gimp cage!

Here is two videos of our antics last Saturday night. We had a very successful run and it was a blast.

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I’ll be in Cyrodiil, squirrelling and not sticking together. See ya there!

I’ll Teabag your dead corpse then!

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I’ll jump in for some CoD, if anyone’s actually playing.

@Disneynut68 will be running a room. They’ve been getting full rooms on clan nights.

I’ll be on, either Planetside or Rocket League, depending on where the wind blows. Got to get the practice in before the RL tourney.

I’ll be in Cry O deal, we should prolly stick together.

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I can’t get any time had vacation and moving to a new house. I’m dying to play some group PVP. I’ll try to make it Saturday.

I will be on COD. Trying to get some time in for clan wars

Be on Planetside and/or Rocket League I’ll try to be on early cuz I will be getting off @ 11:30-Mid

I’ll be on planet side between 8 and 830. alert last night started at 9 so I’m assuming tonight’s will be the same.
After the alert end I might hop into rocket league. Depends on the rest of squad. I want to get a new gun tonight. Only 200 certs away so prolly run a sunderer . Then just need to decide which one. The 150mm canon sounds good.

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COD AW trying to get the new guns in a supply drop .

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@Audible_Silence I don’t think I can make it on tonight. GF is back in town and have to spend some time with her. :slight_smile:

I recommend the GD-7F. Highest RPM of all the carbines, and it sounds like a beast.

I’ve got the most kills with it.

I’ll be on cod as always

Oh yeah I meant for one of my vehicles. The default guns are fine by me.

Only thing that sucks is spending money on say the liberator, awesome rocket launcher… But I can use it cuz in flying. With other squad members could fly my shit.

if that is an option than i need to know how!!!

I’ll be on 11 my time (2 hours) on some RL!

That was some defense of that keep. I was sure it was lost but we held it. I got a fuckton of kills with my Flame Ballista. Good shit!

Oh, and you had to love that scouting call of 4 enemies. It was more like 4 x 10. We got so steam rolled.