GRG Community Night - Raids, Crucible, Nightfalls! Oh My! 10/7

Once again it’s GRG’s Community Night. A night where we all try to squad up, drink some beer, insult Gunny / Disney / Tuttle (or all 3) and shoot some shit up. So grab your peen, your drink of choice and get into some games! Tonight’s focus will be Destiny’s shiny Peeny, The Taken King!

Who’s up for some Strikes, Crucible and other nonsense?

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Since I got rid of that thing called destiny, and the RB6 beta is done I will be on just to see if anyone is playing COD.

I’ll run a Crucible room on the XB1 side.

I’ll jump in for some crucible.

Oh you’ll play tonight?

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I should be on around 8p Central. I’d be up for the daily mission or strikes. I’m still trying to gear up to raid level… oh so close. I may get suckered into helping a buddy though who just picked up the game for the first time.

Do the Court of Oryx quest for Eris Mons. Gives you a nice 300 artifact. You also get a ton of loot doing the Court of Oryx in general. That will help you out a lot.

I have that one active, so maybe I’ll go camp that tonight and see if any randoms are killing shit. Unless anyone is super bored and wants to join in.

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Need to do the nightfall for a quest, I think @Wansy needs to as well. If a 3rd wants to join, come on. If not, I’ll be in crucible.

My back is still hurting from my 4 and 6 kills last night.

I’ll be on for some aw or bf4.

I need to do the nightfall as well among other shit but am up for anything

Might be down for some AW. If I’m on, just send the invite

I would like to run a few strikes, need to creep up my LL (~ 235 now)

i am up for some nightfall

i am up for it. just tell me what time

i am up for it. just what time

@TheBodyFarmer @mwolotka I’ll be on around 8c to run nightfall

I’ll be down for just about anything. I’ll be getting on later around 11 est. Hope see you fellas on!

COD AW !!! Fuck Dis-stinky !!!