GRG Community Night - Mixed Bag Edition 6/24

Come join us for another GRG Community night. It’s where we all try to party up and get some games in. We are not focusing on any specific game this week. Bring on Dungeon runs / PvP in ESO. Destiny Raids, strikes or nightfalls. Planetside 2 action. And of course our diehards will still be playing some CoD:AW.


What game/time/console are you playing on? Basically, A/S/L?

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Im in for CoD, Teso, or GTA/ Anytime/ via PS4 lmao

I’ll be on but late. Will be in ESO and would like to pair up for a dungeon run or maybe sneak into Cyrodiil.

Working late tonight, but I’ll be on after. Either TESO or Planetside 2.

On for TeSo if I can join as a level 7 (all I’ve had time to grind to) else will be on Destiny

If Planetside is up and running i’ll be hosting that.

I will be playing COD AW .

if can’t get into pvp i’ll run a dungeon. Dungeons scale to group leader level not highest rated player.

Well there’s a fucking shocker! :grinning:

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You can join at any level. Someone will shoot you an invite. Happy grinding

planetside 2 servers are up WOOT WOOT!!! they added a 2 gig patch tho.

Whoever gets on ps4 to play cod aw make a grg cod party and ill pop in and play

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I managed to get into Cyrodiil for some pvp. What sucked was my abilities were bugged and not working. Did manage to find some action though.