GRG Community Night - Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


ummm…well if anyone else isplaying d2…i’ll see ya there


It was just boring to me


Great time in the wasteland tonight with @CaptainPeeJ @D1G1TALC1PHERS and @Grex


Had a blast. The fire mission was cool.


Good games with @DirtyD125, @d4tassdoe, @MrWhiskerBizkit and @TheBodyFarmer in BF5. That Frontline match was pretty solid. Got a ton of kills.


Yuhh mowing people down with that tank! Need to suck less at grand operations though ha


Myself and @keylessspace29 roamed wasteland on xbox for little bit.


On xbox FO76 now @Fallout76Players

GT: Ghstwlkrs


We got zero help from out team. Even later when it was just @TheBodyFarmer and I, the team was getting steam rolled. So we just switched to snipers and started fucking around. First round was a shit show but our team finally got their act together and we wound up winning. We switched back to more useful roles of course.

Grand Operations can be tough. I also did enjoy that Frontlines matche we did.


Till I ran out of ammo! Why could we not get that depot built.


I’m guessing we have to own the point in contention. @MrWhiskerBizkit and I both tried to build it but it was just red.


Rough matches when the entire team didn’t seam to be doing anything. Good times