GRG Community Night 8/23

It’s the weekly GRG Community night. Let’s squad up and shoot some shit! What games will you be on and what system?

Also looking for GRG game clips. Please record any epic kills or fails! Thanks.

@BattlefieldPlayers @codplayers @TitanfallPlayers @PCGamers @PlayStationPlayers @OverwatchPlayers

I’ll be on tonight. I’ll be firing up a BF1 lobby since we can still pull the most in that game. Join my XB1 party to get an invite to the game and a GRG squad.


i will also be on the battlefield.

BF1 sounds good to me.

I’ll be playing Ark on a server that I’m renting. I’ll be playing on my new PS4 Pro which I love. If anyone wants to play Ark on a dedicated server without douchebags let me know. It’s only a 10 slot and there is 5 of us on there but I can always upgrade it if needed.

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Just a reminder to all, I’m looking for any cool GRG game clips. Make sure to record some highlights!

I am up for a overwatch or warframe group on xb1 if anyone wants to get into them.

XB1 GT: GhstWlkrs


tag the @anon3687162 group, whore!

@Lala_Calamari Whore

Edit: who edited my post to be toward lala lol


I will start up paladins, but I’ll jump over to @codplayers or @BattlefieldPlayers if it’s lonely.

Nice one.
I haven’t bought Ark on PS4, mildly tempted to.

@unobtainaballs Well if the temptation manages to strike you are more than welcome to play on my server. With the recent loss of my PC I’m stick to either Xbox or PS4 and my brothers are on PlayStation.

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Come on you Discord Junkies…Get in here and Post up what you are going to be joining on its COMMUNITY NIGHT.

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Yell at them more.

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Please no yell at me ;-;

Anyway, I’ll most likely either grinding out my vampire warframe or playing Lawbreakers, just hit me up on PSN if you want to hang out and play.



Had a couple of rough games in LawBreakers with @LudwigVonTokkenTakke. Couple of randos weren’t worth a damn. Won the last one though with a shutout.

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Got some overwatch matches in with @anon47610769 and @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx. Ya know ya win some and lose some. Definitely been awhile since any serious play for me and it was evident. All in all fun times gaming with fellow Reapers.

We played the new map in BF1. Had a few squads, I didn’t take everyone’s names down but it was the usual suspects.

New map is meh? I’m not sure. It’s just an open map with lots of hills.

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