GRG Community Night 7/29

Alright heathens it’s that time of the week again. It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night! Let’s get some squads formed and get some games in together. We'll have people playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, and various other games Post up what you’re playing tonight! Never Game Alone!

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I will be quick scoping fools in Call of Duty tonight.

I’ll try and get on COD, but Far cry has just been too much fun…

In for COD custom matches.

COD for me again. Customs was a good time

will be on COD.

COD of course

maybe get another quick raid done tonight? whatcha all think? if we can get a run we will pull in @Grex

i would jump over for that. Just let me know.

I should be on COD, got a couple of things to take care of tonight, but should be good.

Canadian Translation:

I’ll wait for Lala to start and run the room, then join.

COD…damn it

Division 2 for me, still grinding season 2 content… where are all you @PS4Players tonight?

GG to all. A special thanks to @Xionergy for hosting and coming up with some crazy sandy vag matches. I liked the knife one, I’m not sure if we can change the gun on that. Something a bit better than the glock. Even still, was stupid GRG fun.

Thanks for all that showed up.
@pandavac (Drunkinxxxpanda), @mnvikesfan, @Cootermcgavinii, @DuvalFunk, @Destroyert1, @beers_and_leafs @Xionergy, @Johneffinggalt, @trcannon (Giddy), @Grex and @Sniper_T1