GRG Community Night 7/27

Join us for another weekly edition of GRG’s Community Night. A night were we rally up the troops and shoot people in the faces. Look for members in lobbies of Overwatch, ARK, Divison and Destiny. Lobbies starting around 9pm EST. As always feel free to join any member party especially GRG staff.

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I will be doing some Destiny tonight (If they resolve the damn BEAVER error) trying to get my last character to 40. If anyone wants to do Challenge of Elders or need help with anything else hit me up. Alternatively if Destiny is still haveing problems(or I get bored) I will throw on some Overwatch since i haven’t played with the new character yet

I will be on Overwatch starting around 8 eastern.


I’ll be on Overwatch around 9ish. If someone wants to start a room up earlier then please do so. Hopefully we can get some custom games going.

I’ll be on Overwatch as well.

Ark. I say we have some arena fun.

I have had a horrible stomach ache all day. Took everything i can think of, laying down makes it better, doubt i will be on tonight :worried: