GRG Community Night 4/8 Grab Ass edition




Join us for another edition of GRG’s Community Gaming night. We’ll be playing BF4 Hardline, CoD, Destiny and maybe even some Neverwinter Nights.

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I’ll be on tonight sometime after 9PM EST. I’ll be playing BF:Hardline, let’s get a full squad or two out there and fuck some shit up.

Who wants to shoot some skags with me?

I will be playing some COD tonight. Likely after 8pm EST.

Borderlands, Planetside 2, or CoD depending on what everyone else is doing

Hoping to play some Hardline from 8:30-9:30. Tight schedule this week for gaming.

I’ll be on just after 9 tonight. I will probably be playing COD. @Disneynut68 and I were talking about doing some Zombies if there weren’t enough people on for pub.

I’ll be on playing Hardline tonight, probably after 8:30 central. May try streaming on Twitch as well to see if the settings I have in OBS work well.

I’ll jump on Borderlands, if there’s a room that has room for my Axton.

I will be on BF Hardline from 5:30-8:00 central on xbox one. Gamertag: XTRMEPREJUDICE. would love to team up with some fellow GRG players.

Be on Cod, no zombies for me

That’s okay, we will just wait until your internet craps out again and then move on to Zombies.

meh, haven’t had any problems this week yet but also haven’t played cod since last week…

I’ll do some Neverwinter to create my toon and play the intro quests, then switch to Hardline.

10/9 and towards the top of the board with points…never forget…

You should of taken the XB1 over to game stop and ended your career right then and there.

Also, you have to love BF for rewarding mediocrity. 10/9 and at top of the scoreboard. :smirk: