GRG Community Night 3/17

Alright heathens it’s that time of the week again. It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night! Let’s get some squads formed and get some games in together. We'll have people playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Cold War, Destiny 2, and various other games Post up what you’re playing tonight! Never Game Alone!

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@codplayers - Your choice, run a few rooms of MP, Zombies and WZ again or play shitty, garbage customs (can not wait for the next cod).

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I’m playing MP tonight…fuck WZ for now. Unless people would rather do Zombies.

Look forward to seeing you guys in the world of COD.

il be on Destiny sometime after reset and i think il grind 270 nightfall a bit for some materials

My first choice would be Zombies but I can take the abuse in MP if that is what we decide. Last week wasn’t too bad in MP.

Had a Zombie and a MP room going.

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