GRG Community Night 3/13



Another week, another community night.
Who is playing what tonight?

Some of you are probably already playing The Division 2, whilst those who wait are spinning the wheels in something else. Anthem is clearly a popular title and I have no doubt Destiny 2 and COD are still favorites for some.

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I am not one of the early subscribers to The Division 2, nor did I jump on the Anthem cart.
So, I might be on Apex Legends tonight, still enjoying that before it gets too tricky to keep up with the meta (like Fortnite).

Sidenote, I am enjoying Stardew Valley on PC again, so if anyone else plays that and wants to start / continue a farm - let me know.


I’ll be roaming around DC and trying to unlock the clan feature for The Division 2. @PS4Players @DivisionPlayers


I will probably be on Anthem.