GRG Community Night 2/7/18

I’ll be hunting monsters. If anyone needs an invite to the squad session, send me a message for an invite. Only @Nanookbjorn can invite you to the squad, but we can get you in the session for the night.

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I’ll be setting up my new pc maybe try to play some pubg if it downloads quick if not I’ll be on monster hunter on the ps4

Yeah I will need a invite to the session since I am not in the squad yet.

I will log in once I get home and jump into the Squad session to get some invites sent. Hopefully that will be around 8:30pm Mountain or 10:30pm Eastern.

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Good times slaying monsters with @Grex @D1G1TALC1PHERS with some party advice from @Jtheism


Got some CoD WW2 in tonight. Good Games @Ahobbs2121 @beers_and_leafs @mnvikesfan @FetalInjury @anon42851937 @FouR187