GRG Community Night 2/6/19



The long time tradition continues! Let’s squad up and get in some games together! Who’s going to be on tonight? Let’s get those fireteams formed!

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I’ll be on Apex tonight feel free to get in party


More then likely Destiny


Atlas more the likely.


I’ll be helping @Gunny level up in “whatever” he wishes…


Whatever I wish? Oh my!


Fancy giving Apex Legends a go tonight.

Let me know who else will be on, I’ll go join the Xbox types if no @PS4Players are interested.


Ill be on tonight i got apex downloaded yesterday but havent tried it yet. Any thoughts on apex anyone?


Planning on Atlas.


Downloading Division 2 Beta.
If I’m on I’ll be up for anything.


I’ll be around playing something on PC. Most likey Overwatch.


No Division 2 beta key yet. I will be giving Apex Legends a go on PC. Though Battle Royale isnt really my game mode, I did enjoy Titanfall 1 & 2. If thats a bust probably BFV or more Destiny 2


I’m gonna play it by ear. I’'ll probably get on for some Apex around 8:30 and then Switch to COD around 10


Apex on PC for me. Be on by 7:30 east coast time.


I might be for some Apex or bo4. I’m a little destiny’d out at the moment.


I’ll be on Apex on Xbox tonight around 9:30/10 eastern time. If we’re not already friends, just shoot me a request - TheFauc.


Good games on Apex with @SALT and @AsnPersuasion27. Made some top 10s even though we liked to chase squirrels a lot.


Had fun laughing at @sjam613 cursing Steam, Grapeshot, and Atlas last night with @JohnnyHustler and @TheBodyFarmer . It wasn’t really funny though as it ruined his night.Hopefully next time is problem free.