GRG Community Night 2/3



Join GRG tonight as we rally the troops and game with each other. We’re looking to have lobbies for CoD BLOPS3 (XB1 & PS4) and RB6 (XB1 &PS4).

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We have a whole Fuckton of games going on tonight. If you can’t find a lobby then you’re more tarded that Tuttle.

XB1 Side:

  • RB6 Private Lobby - Room will be run by @Disneynut68
  • Ark - Room run by @D1G1TALC1PHERS
  • Halo - Room run by @Grex

PS4 Side:

i will be on around 9pm est for games

I will be on between 9 and 10 EST.

Hoping to get on for some COD around 7:30…

See y’all in CoD!

I’ll be down for some cod after work Fo sho!

I’ll be on just after 8, fucking around.

Should be on around 8 ea

Scratch that. I will not be on tonight. I know most of you will be heartbroken.

Me me pick me.

Well someone let a Canadian in charge of the SexBox’s BLOPS3 room. Oh boy. Not only is his bacon wrong, but those game types. :smile:

Every game had a twist to it. Those twists weren’t mentioned, you had to discover them. It was Bizarro CoD night for GRG.

I’m joking. Thanks for hosting Beers. Those game modes were mostly fun (fuck that kill streak one). If we decide to do a Free For All Tournament, you’re picking the game modes.