GRG Community Night 2/27/19



The long time tradition continues! Let’s squad up and get in some games together! Who’s going to be on tonight? Let’s get those fireteams formed!

@AnthemPlayers @Fallout76Players @PS4Players @ESOPlayers @battlefieldplayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ArkPlayers @destinyplayers @PCGamers

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I will be playing Anthem on the Sexbox.


A pirates life for me in Atlas tonight.


I’ll be on Xbox playing Anthem




Atlas and/or Dying Light.


anthem on xbone after 9pm central


Apex Legends tonight on PS4?
@rabb, @TwistedGunsmith, @REBOOT_EXE

Plus any other @PS4Players who want to join.


Sounds good to me ill be on around 6 pm central


I’m down for sure!


Anthem…2 of my javelins need a bunch of loot to catch-up so anyone new…hop in the party and i’m happy the run my “b” javelins though whatever missions you have


Anthem. Xbox. All. Damn. Day.


I will be up for some Apex action, CoD Blackout or I can carry @Gunny through whatever he needs in Destiny.

I would say CoD MP but I do not have (nor plan to buy) the new maps.


Im down


Anthem. Just started my Ranger so need to level him up also. Not that my Storm is that far along.


I’ll be on @codplayers

@Lala_Calamari the maps are barely in rotation yet , who cares if you don’t have them?


Anthem first, then Overwatch.


I will hopefully be on Anthem tonight on PC


I have apex legends downloaded. Haven’t started it yet…