GRG Community Night 2/13/19



The long time tradition continues! Let’s squad up and get in some games together! Who’s going to be on tonight? Let’s get those fireteams formed!

@Fallout76Players @PS4Players @ESOPlayers @battlefieldplayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ArkPlayers @destinyplayers @PCGamers

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Conan and I will be on grinding that sweet Crimson Days booty in Destiny.


i will be on to rage in either Apex or COD.


Apex Legends…Xbox…look me up


I’ll also be on the shiny penny (unless convinced otherwise). I’ll be in Anthem Apex Legends looking for a squad.


You do have GRG pull getting Anthem already!


I do.

Sorry, I meant Apex Legends. Been a crazy morning.


Hoping to get my gathering pirate going in Atlas.




Destiny here.


Downloaded Apex…sorry don’t think its my style but maybe…so I’ll start with destiny and see form there trying to collect all of the valentines stuff


Ill be in the watelands in fo76 then maybe some apex or fortnite. Gotta get that battlepass done


Apex on the box be on all day hmu


I’ll be on for some @codplayers tonight


Ill be on dragons dogma until some @PS4Players hop on then maybe apex legends or blackout


I’ll be chilling over on smite for a bit, then maybe run some RE2 or D2.


Apex Legends getting pwned by… I mean pwning all the nerds.


Good games of Apex Legends with @Bigfish @DuvalFunk @Jtheism @DARKAGES71. We got a few kills in there.


Fantastic time sailing tonight with @D1G1TALC1PHERS @JohnnyHustler and @TheBodyFarmer.

Dig’s boat is not up to OSHA standards.