GRG Community Night 12/5/18



Looks like I won’t be on BFV until later. My shit internet has been working on the update for hours, I’m a little over half way done. Kill me now!


got some D2 grind in with @AsnPersuasion27 @Sniper_T1 @destroyer_T1 at 606 and might want to try the forge tonight


Started the Black Armory quest and ran some Gambit and Strikes with @theundecided (Mavellen_) for a bit and increased my LL to a whopping 601 lol! I’ll be on tonight as well to continue the grind.


The grind is going to suck.


Good games last night with @Grex @mnvikesfan @HAWKLANDER @Ahobbs2121 @Elgr8one @FetalInjury and @Hogarthehuge on COD


It really is… I saw post or article about it and they were saying it’s the most grindy content they’ve put out