GRG Community Night 12/15

Alright heathens, we’re back to having GRG Community Nights again. This week we are going to focus on playing some Custom Call of Duty Vanguard matches. We haven’t tried the customs yet and we’re due for some CoD Shenanigans.

We’re also looking for people to step up and run some other game lobbies. Please post here with what you’re playing.

@AnthemPlayers @BorderlandsPlayers @Fallout76Players @PlayStationPlayers @battlefieldplayers @codplayers @ArkPlayers @destinyplayers @PCGamers @DivisionPlayers @PCGamers @PUBGPlayers @TitanfallPlayers @DivisionPlayers @XBoxGamers, @NintendoSwitchGamers @VRGamers @HaloPlayers @forzaplayers

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I’ll be playing something probably, no idea what yet though

Vanguard it is.

At 6pm Eastern I will be hosting a Call of the Wild multiplayer session. There was an early morning update that fixed the crashing issues on Mississippi Acres, so might be hosting that map.

Can’t make it tonight due to IRL poker night

Well, I didn’t make it either. Got hung up at a double retirement party, then CoD would not launch for me at all. Vanguard or Warzone. Nuked them both and am reinstalling now.