GRG Community Night 12/12/18



Don’t let @Lala_Calamari become the tomato on the right…sign up for Community Night!

It’s time for the night where GRG gets together and shows how mature and thoughtful we as gamers…by drinking some beverages and bullshitting the night away with our community. Let us know what your plans are for tonight and squad up. Never game alone!

@Fallout76Players @PS4Players @ESOPlayers @DivisionPlayers @battlefieldplayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ArkPlayers @destinyplayers @PCGamers @forzaplayers



Fallout 76 (PC)

Farm Sim 19 (Gotta get that corn harvested before Christmas :wink:)


I vote Battlefield V for tonight.

Can’t quite bring myself to play FO yet since the patch lands tomorrow.


IDK, my daughter has an exam at 7 and I have to pick her up afterwards. So, depending on when she’s done I might not be on. But, if I do get on it will be @codplayers






Overwatch and maybe some fallout 76 on pc


wont be around tonight. Daughter has her winter concert tonight.


@destinyplayers (Xbox) will be finishing milestones then grinding 10 games of Gambit. Should be over 600 by the end of the night, so might try the forge too…if you wanna join, jump in the :school_satchel:


If I’m on, I’m down for some @codplayers


we have a few people that usually get together on discord for BFV on PC around 7pm EST weekdays

ptfo, but chill

you’re welcome to join us

@PCGamers @battlefieldplayers

you might be able to find it for around $30 still if you look around


I’ll be on for some BF5 or Destiny Light Level Grinding (anyone want to run some Gambit and a Nightfall?).


I work late tonight…


I’ll be @ESOPlayers Xbox, working on skill points and conducting trials


Don’t own bf5 so that’s out but @Lala_Calamari I’ll be around for some destiny grinding. If I see you on I’ll join up with you.


I think i have 5 gambits on 2 toons so Happy to Join @Lala_Calamari and @AsnPersuasion27 in Destiny for that


I might be on for some fallout 76 to kick the night off then end with some blackout @PS4Players


I hope to be on BFV, PS4, for a couple hours, with headset, after 7:30 MST


Grinding Destiny. Nightfall and Gambit sounds good.