GRG Community Night 11/8

It’s back! While the majority of us have taken a break from Call of Duty the past few years, the staple of what this community was built on is the primary focus tonight. Take a break from gaining rank and unlocking your pretty guns for some private GRG action. Get ready for a potential return of our famous sandy vagina matches!

If COD isn’t your thing, there will likely be some Destiny action going, some PUBG, and for the muddy boys some Spintires. Make sure you let everyone know where you will be tonight (even if it playing some My Little Pony game…we don’t judge). Let’s get some hot, sweaty, GRG action going. Don’t game alone!

@codplayers @pcgamers @DestinyPlayers @BattlefieldPlayers @PlayStationPlayers

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I will be dying repeatedly in Call of Duty tonight. Seriously, if you die by my hand tonight you deserve a badge of shame.

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Call of Doodie Private Matches!!!

i will be on COD at around 9pm.

Ill be on by 9 unless the wife calls me into duty, if that’s the case lll be on by 10

HELL YES! Let’s do this!

If anyone is down for some PS4 action let me know. My girl and I have been playing this lately and will join up, or whatever.

We usually have about 4 additional people outside of the Clan who know how to talk smack and take a headshot.


I will be on for some COD. I suppose whoever gets on first @Grex @Lala_Calamari not @Ahobbs2121 or myself can start up a private lobby and see what we have to play with.

I’ll be down to do some CoD and maybe even Destiny if we rage too much :smiley:

I’ll be on Xbox off and on all night. Gonna be drinking and this will be my first night playing for more than ten minutes. So don’t shit talk too hard for all the dying I’m gonna do =)

I’ll be on COD. I’ve got my shinny new lag switch all wired up and ready to warp around the maps.

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Can’t wait for some GRG private matches tonight.

We really need people to sign up here so we know who to expect. We may have to run 2 lobbies. We will be focusing on fucking around in private matches just like we used to on Community Nights. Take a break from being “rank whores” and lets shoot each other in the face and hand out lots of Tea bags.


I should be on at some point tonight not sure how long I’ll be on for but I’m down to play a few rounds

I will be on for COD. Should be on by 9 est. Will be fun running some custom matches again.

On it. Can my badge be gold, please? Wanna feel fancy in my shame.

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I will be on CoD tonight.

I will be on COD tonight, but it will be a little late. Hope to make it for some private matches

COD! Lets go! Ill be online on and off this evening. Looking forward to some private match shenanigans.

You’re all gonna die horribly, over and over again…

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Xbone CoD!

I’ll be on cod tonight. Gotta see if the x1x graphics are any better…destiny looks the same as before.