GRG Community Night 11/28/18



Come to the dark side.


I should be around during your gaming hours Sun-Thurs next week.
Pick a day (or multiple) and I’ll be there for some Fallout 76.


Missed everyone last night.
Did have some fun in BFV though.
Finally found some people on mic (though admittedly only for one match).

Then had a great couple of matches playing Breakthrough as Medic and constantly healing/reviving people whilst lobbing smoke grenades everywhere to provide cover.

Looking forward to unlocking that MP40…


The temptation is there. No joke.


We had a couple of squads running BF5 on the XBox side last night. Good games @Grex @mnvikesfan @FetalInjury @DirtyD125 @MrWhiskerBizkit @Johneffinggalt


grinding for new weapons is real…and the new season has not started yet…Destiny has lots of content…GG @Mowerguy90 @Masonicmage @ezekielJP


Ran some Blackout with @TwistedGunsmith @StreetRacer @VampHalf-Breed… sadly no wins but I got an epic sniper headshot on a guy trying to run me over with a quad. I need to trim and post it at some point.


Wanted to post this earlier but it wasn’t up on Xboxdvr. Snuck into an anti aircraft gun right next to an enemy tank. He had no clue wtf was hitting him.