GRG Community Night 11/23 Happy Turkey Day Eve!

It’s GRG’s Community Night. Let’s all gather up, grab a drink of choice and shoot each other in the face. If you’re not out and about for Turkey day then log on and join in some games.

We have several games set for tonight’s community night. Something for everyone! Expect to see the Destiny neckbeards (@DestinyPlayers) grinding away in search of more and better loot. The CoD die hards playing with their Space Marines (or old school MW remake) (@CODPlayers). Then we’ll have squads running rampant on the Battlefield for BF1 (@BattlefieldPlayers). Maybe @HAWKLANDER and @Gunny will run into WW1 NPCs that they met during the Great War! Don’t forget some Titanfall 2 action on the XB1 and PS4 (@TitanfallPlayers) and finally the Gearheads in GoW4 (@GoWPlayers).
Look for things to pick up around 9:00PM EST.

So what are you playing and on what console?

As always, feel free to join in on any GRG Staff Member.

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I should be there and really need the pick me up of shenanigans.

I will be playing BF1 on XB1.

I’m going to be playing the division @DivisionPlayersGroup if you want to help a brother get some gear… that would be awesome.

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I will look for you when I jump on later.

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I’m an OP level 8

BF1 for me. XB1 y’all! I’ll be in this afternoon as well for a bit.

I’ll be on xbone playing bf1 or tf2 unless the gf parents stay over then I know I won’t get chance to be on.

I’ll be on

I’ll start with COD again, but if it’s too dry I’ll switch over to BF1.

I’m out this week, traveling for Thanksgiving

I will be on. BF1 for me as well.

I’ll be on, but just a bit after 8:30 cst likely.

@PlayStationPlayers @BattlefieldPlayers I’m on, sorry for the tardiness

@quantumklutz good times bro… Ty for carrying me!

WOW! We had 4 of us on COD last night, and even played some Zombies.

GG’s @mnvikesfan @Elgr8one @ezekielJP


We had a very large group in BF1 last night. @Lala_Calamari @Grex @anon42851937 @Azalin4savioR @TheBodyFarmer @APMech12 @Sniper_T1 @HAWKLANDER

I should be fired as I didn’t do my norm and write everyone down. If you were with us last night, make sure to let everyone know you were there for Turkey Day Eve Community Night.

Enjoyed some slightly sweaty Crucible (Clash) with @catsweat and @DaG_Avenged last night.

I think I had planned to just enjoy it but some of our opponents were pretty skilled - so my pride forced me to try.
With varying levels of success…

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no prob gunny anytime