GRG Community Night 11/2 World Series Game 7 Edtion

I’m not sure how many we’ll get tonight with Game 7 but we’ll run a GRG community night anyway. The main focus this week will be the Battlefield 1(@BattlefieldPlayers), some Titanfall 2 (@TitanfallPlayers) and even some Destiny (@DestinyPlayers). We’ll be forming parties on both the XBox and PS4. We’ll have a few squads controlling the battlefield, playing with their Mechs and also have some tryhards playing Destiny. Let us know if you’re attempting a Raid, Nightfall or Crucible. And lets not forget we’ll have a few Gearheads banging out some Horde mode (@GoWPlayers).

Look for things to pick up around 9:00PM EST.

So what are you playing and on what console?

As always, feel free to join in on any GRG Staff Member.

I’ll be on playing BF1 while streaming the game to my PC. I promise to try to remember to take the headset off before yelling in jubilation or agony.

Ha Red Sox aren’t in it so baseball is over as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be playing the human sheild on BF1.

I’ll most likely be in BF1 unless we can regroup the raid to finish that out.

Sorry y’all, waited my whole life for the possibility of the Cubs winning a World Championship…gotta watch!!


I’ll be playing BF as well. Can’t let things like 100 year history get in the way.

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I will try to be doing both. Originally from Chicago and lots of family involvement with this one. GO CUBS GO !!!

I will be up for finishing last nights raid. If not bf1 it is.

I’ll hop in BF1 on the ps4 side. Hopefully we can get a squad going.

Return to the dark side, we have several squads running nightly!

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Battlefield 1 for me.

@Lala_Calamari idk maybe you want to try and raid Friday night? I’ll have more time for it then. I’ll be on either bf1 or gears tonight. After I finish my madden game.

That’s fine. Finishing out tonight was wishful thinking, especially with the game on.

If any @TitanfallPlayers want to do Titanfall on XBox tonight I’ll be up to creating a group for that. I’ll be starting before 8:30pm ET and stay until 11pm ET. The Happy Hour for my network also starts at 9Pm EST so I’ll make you join that if you need it. Those 5 merits plus 2xp bonus from Mountain Dew will help a lot.
In case you don’t know my GT is “ChareBear 2L2Q”

I will be suffering through more BF1 tonight…

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I’ll be in BF1 on the X1, guns blazing.

I’ll be watching the game, but might hop on BF1 at some point

I’ll jump on BF1 at some point.

I will be on Destiny to start if anyone is interested. Will switch to BF1 at some point if we don’t have a group. Will have the game on the little TV just to watch History.

Well, that sucked last night…EA servers were fucked and the Cubs won. :frowning2: