GRG Community Night 11/17

Alright heathens, we’re back to having GRG Community Nights again. It’s been awhile since we’ve had one. We took a vote yesterday to decide the featured game this week and Halo won. I’ll be hosting a Halo Customs lobby tonight starting at 9PM EST. Hop into my XBox party and let’s get to teabagging each other.

That said, there seems to be interest in Forza Horizons 5 and CoD Vanguard. Can I get volunteers to step up and oversee lobbies for those 2 games?

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I’m down for some Halo if I can stay up that late. I will be on earlier if anyone wants to play some warm up matches.

You saying tea bag each other…yeah not good. I’ll be there to whoop your ass in halo though

I’ll be on the haloz tonight. I’ll be a little late due to golf league.

Golden Tee Tournament?

Ha I wish. It’s just an indoor league on sims. This is last week so I can’t blow it off to game.

We had a big turn out for da Haloz. I can’t wait until they open up more maps and forge. There currently isn’t much to choose from. 4 small 4v4 maps and 4 BTB maps. Regardless, still had fun.

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