GRG Community Night 10/5 Iron Banana Edition

It’s GRG’s Wednesday Night Community Night! This week we’ll be focusing on Destiny Iron Banana. We should have several groups running, just hop into a party and kick some ass. @TexasReaperCrew will be hosting an IB room, so hop into his game. We’ll form up extra party if needed. Also, the PS4 crew will be running various Destiny activities. Join on @catsweat and @TheKlown4Life to get in some games.

Hopefully I have a big backpack again tonight!

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big backpack but tiny nutsack

Count me in for some Potato cooking.

Lol I am in !!!

I’m in.

Had 3-4 awesome games then had to help the kid with some home work, jumped back on only to find my xbox doing an update…DOH

Got a few games in and we did well. Too bad the Destiny servers didn’t. I did run the Iron Banner Hand Cannon and I think I like it a bit more than the Palindrome.

I got a game or two in with the IB Auto rifle and it’s great for Supremacy - very fast firing and with a good stability roll it’s a beast.

We had what, 4 groups going on XB in IB? I had a blast and was able to finish my bounties. Right when I was about to turn shit in the servers messed up.

Sorry to miss it. Most lobbies were full by the time got home Looks like some good loot

I went looking for you, guess I missed you. I hopped out of full parties several times, trying to wrangle up the outliers that weren’t in a group yet.

Next time don’t hesitate to jump in a party, even if full. People come and go all night so there will be an opening before too long.


I appreciate you doing that Texas. I was very distracted last night anyway. I will jump in most often.

The dinner last night was to discuss with TC my better half , a new job offer. Great opportunity much better pay but we will need to move 2 hours northwest from where we are currently.

I have to get the house on the market fast and look for a new one. Hoping to get it done before winter hits. Wee! So stocking up on red bull


Congrats! That’s a huge step but sometimes you gotta take risks. I did the same a couple years ago and haven’t looked back. Hope it all works out for you!!

Congrats on the new job Salt!

Sorry trying to do too many things at once his job not mine. I will be leaving mine which is fine I stepped down from management, few months ago once he finished school for MBA and have been woking 3 12s a week. I can work anywhere really

and thank you now back to the Iron Banana

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