GRG Community Night 10/25

Just a reminder that tonight is GRG’s community night. Let’s group up, have a drink and shoot people in the face. What’s everyone playing tonight? Who’s looking to group up? Let’s form some squads.

We’ll have people in Destiny 2, Battlegrounds, Forza 7, Fortnite, and various other games. Let us know what you’re playing and party up. Don’t game alone!

@DestinyPlayers @ForzaPlayers @PlayStationPlayers @BattlefieldPlayers @PCGamers

For my second last Community night on D2…

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A whole bunch of us D2 PS4 spuds are going to try the Raid tonight.


I’m up for whatever. I guess I can try banging my head against the wall for the Raid. I’ll take those who sign up here first then fill in later. This is for the SexBox 1.


Let’s get jiggy wid it!
consider this me signing up

I’ll be up for some crucible or nf but I’ve already got to much rage in my life to raid tonight.
There’s always forza too.

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Crucible or NF sounds good to me. Crucible would be my first choice if we can get a fireteam together.

I’ll be on tonight. Got two characters that need raid and one for nf. Crucible is cool too

I should be on tonight and would be down for whatever

I am up for anything Division, ghost Recon or Destiny related. Although I may need to re-install destiny 2 lol

I need 3 nf and I really want to get the raid on at least one char this week. Send me an inv if you see me on, if I’m in a pug I can drop out or kick someone. I have all the mechanics except gauntlet down and I think I can pull off the no ads cheese for Calus if push comes to shove.

Ill be on tonight. putting laps in forza 7, or shooting baddies in fortnight.

I’m getting the impression fortnight may be the new shiny penny since D2 is a bit flat. I guess I’ll have to download it so I can try and sit at the cool kids table.

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I’m not sure if it will be or not. It’s just a free toy to play with. Battlegrounds will probably see more activity from GRG. Same game but a more realistic graphic style.

We started a late run at the raid. Did the Bath house. It’s not too bad, especially once I figured out how to bring down those yellows.

We had @Volturnus07 @beers_and_leafs @ezekielJP @mnvikesfan @Grex. I got the Raid Auto Rifle.

Whew. Big turn-out for PS4.

Started with @anon92806648, @Partho23, @mnvikesfan, @Scuba_Steve1984, @DuvalFunk and me - headed into Baths.
Then @LudwigVonTokkenTakke swapped in for Vikes and we managed to clear it.

Went on to Pleasure Gardens, figured out some mechanics but by then a few had to leave.
We added @KirK32 and @galaxy5oo around then and @Nixons_mojo a little later, then picked up a few more from LFG after I tried all the remaining online GRG members who were playing D2.

Never made it out of Pleasure Gardens but I think we had it figured by the end.

Long night for me but it was great to see so many GRG out and no-one getting stressed or frustrated in the painful Raid mechanics.


Had a good time tonight. Definitely great to play with so many PS4 players. We’ll get even farther next time!

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I agree with you there. PUBG will def be a bigger draw.

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I wouldn’t count on seeeing PUBG this year after what I read on twitter yesterday. New engine, lots of new bugs, small team. It’s not looking promising. Instead of saying 1.0 will be out this year they are now saying they are gonna try.