GRG Community Night 10/24



It’s time for our community night! Games, games, games everywhere! Take your pick, or play all of them throughout the night. We’ll have parties all over the place.

So let us know what you’re playing and when you’ll be on. Let’s squad up and kick some ass! Never game alone!

@PS4Players @OverwatchPlayers @SoTPlayers @ESOPlayers @GoWPlayers @DivisionPlayers @battlefieldplayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ArkPlayers @destinyplayers @PCGamers @forzaplayers



will be on @codplayers tonight…


Almost certainly D2, despite my comments on the 'cast last night.


Will be on D2 (xbox) grinding out that light. Would be down for a Leviathan run as well.


I’ll be balls deep in the Light Level Grind for Destiny. Open for Gambit, Crucible or the raid if we feel frisky enough.


D2 gambit 2 weeks of bounties on one toon


D2 Gonna be on for raids and grinding out gear


Any @PS4Players up for some blackout?


I’ll likely be on D2 but might be up for some blackout


Joining the grind in D2.


Will be grinding d2 when i get off work…up for whatever


D2 for me


I don’t want to be the uncool kid so D2.

Seriously I will probably be playing FH4 and checking out the new update. I also may jump into some Blackout.


I’ll be on for some Blackout @codplayers


Good games in COD with @beers_and_leafs, @FetalInjury, @Ahobbs2121, and @mnvikesfan. I didn’t do worth a shit, but I had a good time. It was good to get back to some gaming finally.


GG @Masonicmage @Guinness333 @ezekielJP @Mowerguy90 @Sniper_T1 and @AsnPersuasion27 …another fun night of D2


Once again I carried @Grex @Johneffinggalt and @koldfront_kraig to Gambit victories. My back is a bit sore this morning.


@SoInZane and I were trucking on in D2.
@DarkNiteRaven joined us for a chat.

Managed to clear 7th branch of El Spooky Forest whilst carrying a complete potato between us.
Thinking back now, I should have invited said spud to join GRG…