GRG Community Night 10/21

Alright heathens it’s that time of the week again. It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night! Let’s get some squads formed and get some games in together. We'll have people playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, and various other games Post up what you’re playing tonight! Never Game Alone!

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I’ll be on monster hunter world or Phasmophobia probably

I’ll be on COD

I will run COD for a while. I wonder if we can run the Halloween map on custom games?

I will be on COD. Gonna see if there’s anything new we can do.

I’ll be on the CoD. Wish they’d release a private Warzone game mode.

I will be on COD

COD… biatches

Looks like everyone will be on cod, idk when this is supposed to start but I’m on ps4 if anyone wants a fourth.
Psn - d00mzdaicypher
Cod - Imposter#345052
I’ll be on around 8 MST

Hey, for future on Wednesdays we usually get into one big custom room and fuck around for 2 hours starting at 9pm EST. Make friends through activision and jump in with us.

go here to add yours and activision accounts

BTW @codplayers I think I’m officially retiring Drop Zone from Wednesdays…drags down the night too much, unless I make it ultra tryhard and everyone gets a headache and has a stroke.

Yeah, Dropzone sucks. Especially when your team has no interest in holding the dropzone.