GRG Community Night 10/10/18



Two words. Fuck Crucible.

Seriously what was up last night. Not 1 but four straight blow outs. Seriously makes me want to quit the game.


I shit you not, we won the next game. But yeah, they need to enable skill based matchmaking again. The matches we played weren’t even close and wasn’t fun for anyone. I understand they are having issues with getting games going but it’s only going to get worse. Who wants to play that shit show?


Good times last night with @JohnnyHustler @TheBodyFarmer and the brief time with @RamblingJuicebox in Horizon 4. I look forward to Sunday Night Racing.


I need to get some race time in before Sunday and unlock a few more cars.

We had @brokain @koldfront_kraig @Grex @BrambledWhiskey and @Sniper_T1 in our Destiny 2 room last night.