GRG Community Night 1/23/19



The long time tradition continues! Let’s squad up and get in some games together! Who’s going to be on tonight? Let’s get those fireteams formed!

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I will be on and in Atlas.


will be on COD on xbox


PUBG or COD on xbox


COD or Destiny. Will be messing with a new streaming setup as well


Fallout 76 or cod for me if no one hops on may end up in dark souls 3 or conan exiles


I will be on Atlas.


Destiny 2 here, will be grinding some forge, want a better roll on the auto.


I’ll be on 76 if anyone is on or will be on D2 or GRW


Decisions, decisions. I’ll probably be on Destiny up for whatever (maybe even some sweaty Gambit). I could be swayed over to CoD or BF5 though.

I’m too indecisive.


I’ll be on either D2 (Gambit) or Blackout


put your big girl pants on and come play the new mode in Blackout.


Might jump on for some blackout if I get a chance.


If I am on I’ll be play CoD on the Xbox.


Think I’ll mess around on Destiny. Need to do dailies and keep working that light level.


Would be playing but without my glasses i am beyond blind. So…yup. fuck life. :+1:


Ouch that stinks. If you were on the xbone side you’d have an excuse when @Lala_Calamari yelled at you for not taking out the guy who pwned him in the fight he shouldn’t of started lol.


In my defense, my team should BACK ME UP and not cower in a corner like most of you fucks. The only player that understands me is @Bigfish. Because the enemies aren’t going to shoot themselves.


A good strategist will use fodder to flush out the opposition to secure a win. I think @beers_and_leafs and @Bigfish know how to strategize. Lmao.