GRG Community Night 1/16/19



@Johneffinggalt and I slummed it with @Gunny’s stinking Warlock to level his sorry ass up.


Ty and you both had a great time!


Had fun launching the nuke and gaining some xp.
@TwistedGunsmith @unobtainaballs @SoInZane
And a shout out to @GreyJedi for the PVP match he had.

Hope to see you all in the wastelands again soon!!


Finished out my night by completing the last few quest steps, so now I’m at the point of needing the 10 commendations.

Took a little longer than expected, mostly due to inventory limitations, heavy reward items and fast travel necessity.


Yes, good times with @unobtainaballs @DarkNiteRaven @TwistedGunsmith and @GreyJedi in Fallout! My love for Fallout is still there I just need to get my inventory under control so I’m not constantly fighting being overencumbered and can enjoy questing a bit more.

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