GRG CoD Tournament Teams!

The teams are set for Wednesday’s (11/29) GRG CoD Tournament. Please make sure you are all on each others friends lists. You may want to group up tonight and get used to playing with each other. Also, let us know ASAP if you can not attend so we can schedule in a sub.

We’ll be announcing game modes soon.



Grex’s Team


MNVikefan’s Team


Lala Calamari’s Team


Extras / subs

We’ll try to slot these players in somehow.

beers,apmech,sniper and lala, I would like to thank you all for joining me on the dumpster fire team. I will totally let you down so dont get visions of grander


On Grex’s team is auto win!

you mean for everyone else, right?


Need some help putting together tonight’s matches. We’re thinking each round consists of 2 games then we switch teams. Top 2 teams play for the win, the bottom 2 teams go off in a private match in Loserville.

Since we can’t preset weapons and loadouts we’ll just run “anything goes”. We have too many taters to coordinate a shotties only round. I don’t trust you fuckers to figure that out. I want to play a mix of both HC and Core. I’m looking for suggestions, please post up if you have any.


Ardennes Forest
Flak Tower
Gustav Cannon
London Docks
Pointe Du Hoc
USS Texas
Carentan (for Season Pass only)

Proposed Games

London Docks - Dom / CTF / KC
Flak Tower - TDM
Pointe Du Hoc - Kill Confirmed
Ardennes Forest - Dom / Gridiron
USS Texas - TDM / CTF
Aachen (what game mode?)

is there a site with the map layouts. i can never remember the names.

So, we play each team twice? The same map and mode, or do we switch after the first one?


London Docks - Dom/Hardpoint
Flak Tower - KC/CTF/Gridiron
Pointe Du Hoc - TDM
Ardennes Forest - Dom/TDM
USS Texas - KC/CTF/Gridiron
Aachen TDM/DOM/Hardpoint