GRG Battlefield Platoon

If you request to join and it hasn’t been accepted in a reasonable time please let us know.

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Can you pin this on the BF category list?

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I requested to join

If you haven’t request to join…

I guess I’m just blind…I don’t see where there’s a request to join our anything similar…?

I applied to join. I have good references if needed.

I too requested to join. PS4 Tag COOTERSAURUS_REX. Thanks!

I still haven’t been accepted on the PS4 BF4 squad.

Xbox or PS4?


Also, hit up @mnvikesfan as he still plays BF4 a lot.

I do still play BF4 alot-

Xbox- Mnvikesfan
PS4- Mnvikesfan612

I will add you to the list- Mostly have a group running on Friday and Saturday nights.

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put my request in, omniscientshark, same as everywhere haha

Added you, I’m terrible at managing third party clan shit.

Also, that’s for the BF4 platoon. I wonder if that will migrate over to BF1.

oh damn, oops lol. well hopefully it does