GRG Battlefield 4 Squad up! 5/17


Join us on Tuesday (5/17) as GRG will be forming squads for BF4. We’ll be playing the Core Conquest and forming squads around 9:00 PM EST.

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I will be on the PS4 side a bit later than usual because of work stuff

I’ll be running an XB1 squad around 9PM EST. Just crash the XB1 live party.


Definately in.

I’m in, still have a lot of 100% boosts to use up.

Dont tell me what to do

Doesn’t Rush just turn into a mess at the points?

Gun master FTW

Ill be on ps4 side, just finishing up downloads.

On now! Unfortunately I can’t join others squads for some reason. They don’t show up. Haven’t been able to since I installed it a few days ago.

I just saw ya. I’ll be back on in a bit and we’ll try to squad up.

Good times tonight think we had 13 in the party at one point.