Greetings, I am an ex British forces vet and I am in my 40s I am a returning to gaming after a very long break and because the wife wants to watch shit on tv. I play ghost recon wildlands and the division. Hoping to meet a few of you online and have some laughs.


welcome to the community.

Welcome. I’m heavily into Wildlands PvP myself. xxxNAILBUNNYxxx hit me up if you see me on.

Edit: for some reason I can’t get in game chat to work. Party chat works perfectly.

Welcome aboard.

Cheers mate

Will do, just getting back into both games atm, shouldn’t take me long to get back into the swing of things

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Cheers, good to be hear



I just hit level 31. Trying to get 35 to unlock the medic and assassin. I’m absolutely loving this game. Hoping for more weapon customization options and camo presets for different maps.

Welcome to GRG!


Pretty sure @quantumklutz and @ReaperMan10 still play The Division on Xbox.
Not sure about GRW, bar NailBunny obviously.

Join the GRG Xbox club, it’s an easy way to find out all the GRG XBL handles to add them.

Welcome to GRG.

I just picked up Wildlands at half price wanted to try the ghost wars heard good things.

Learning the game pretty noonish right now. Played the MP last night for first time with friend showing me the ropes. I gotta say I loved it. Only played a few games but will be playing more in the future.


Welcome to the community! Glad to have you!

Welcome to GRG. I played Wildlands during the free weekend and enjoyed it. Will try to pick it up on sale at some point
The Body Farmer on X1.

I haven’t been on the division in a awhile but I can always jump back on. I am mostly on warframe here lately or destiny 2. If you interested let me know hit me up on xbox