Greetings from San Diego


Hey everyone! L0KI619 here. Just learned about this group a couple of days ago from a 2old2play friend and figure I’d join and see how many of the old 2o2p peeps are here. I still write the New Releases over there from time to time but mostly just lurk. Hopefully things are a little more active here both on the site and on MP games. I look forward to catching up with some of you and to meeting new friends!

My YouTube Page for those that are interested…


Welcome to GRG.


Welcome dude! Hope to see you around when Anthem drops! Had fun those couple rounds we played during the Alpha.


Welcome to the community.


Welcome aboard.


We have quite a few in d2 right now and some in battlefield v what are you gaming these days?


Welcome to GRG!

I’m mainly on PS4 playing D2, Blackout and FO76 but also have an Xbox… I’ll shoot you over some friend requests on both

PSN and GT - SoInZane


Welcome Loki.

What games are you playing and on which platforms?
Will add you and get you invites to the club’s/communities.


Welcome to GRG
GT is beers and leafs on the Xbone






Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my XBox Friends list and I think someone already added you to our GRG XBox club.

What games are you currently playing?


Hey Grumpy! Yeah, that was real fun but I have a feeling that the NDA says that we can’t say anything about it so let’s just say that there is this upcoming game in February that looks really fun! LOL! Seriously though, if it’s good, I’ll get it on PC as well as Xbox.


Hey Lala! It’s been a while but I remember you from the 2o2p forums. Right now, I’m playing whatever. Destiny 2 has taken up a lot of my time but I refuse to pay any more money so I stopped playing after the Forsaken - I wouldn’t mind doing the raids though since I haven’t done any of them. I also recently picked up BFV and Blops IIII (or isn’t it IV?). I’m looking forward to Anthem next year but right now, I’ll play anything so long as I have the game and so long as it isn’t battle royale.


We have a lot of @destinyplayers still going strong, you’ll have plenty to run with if you decide to pick up Forsaken. I think we had 20+ on last night.


Hey Unbobtainable! I’m mostly on Xbox playing most of the new releases. I have a PS4 for the exclusives like Spider-Man (YES!!!), God of War (YES!!!), and hopefully The Last of Us 2 sooner, than later.


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Hope to catch you all around real soon!


I mostly play my PS4, though I have yet to play any of the exclusives from this year.
Currently on my first play-through of Heavy Rain.




Welcome to the asylum!!!
Friend Request coming your way