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Gotham (Spoilers)


Just saw a promo clip of Gotham coming back with Jerome all sewn up and sounding like the Joker.





I still really enjoy this show and glad it was picked up for season 4. I do wonder how many times in the Batman universe the “Gotham is sick and needs to be cleansed” you can continue to do over and over.


well if its like the comics, they got at least 10,000 more times they can use it.


Am I the only one left watching this one? Season finale is tonight.


I recorded the whole season, probably watch it in a few weeks, content is starting to dry up


Lot of twists and turns in last night’s season finale and we finally saw Bruce be a little Batman like. I am pretty sure they know they are on borrowed time as each season gets renewed very late. My guess is they are going the path to Batman route since they are guessing next season is their last.


I’m still watching it.

Haven’t watched last night yet, but I will during lunch.


yeah same. been watching. just need to watch last nights.



New season started last night. Hoping to check it out shortly.


oh man. forgot about that. DVR to the rescue.


I have a feeling a lot will happen this season as they barely get renewed year to year. Guessing this might be the last one.


I lost interest midway into last year? Or maybe the year before. I have no clue at this point. Some of the trailers I see for this coming season, I don’t really care for. Bruce is still way too young to go out as Batman. I know he’s hot the in between mode the intro, but still.


Yeah, my wife and I lost interest as well. It was hard with all of the villains they were cramming into each season. I thought for sure the weren’t getting renewed based on the ratings drop.


I really think the GCPD is worse than that horribly run Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang. And season after season I wonder why the hell Harvey and Jim would go to all these dangerous places with just the two of them.


Still enjoying this show though Gotham may be the shittiest place in the world. Can never tell what time frame this show is supposed to be set in.


I think it’s in it’s own time frame. Things just happen when and how the writers decide, but I still like it.