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Gotham (Spoilers)


Gotham season one is now on Netflix. If you didn’t get to see it i highly recommend it. Even if you aren’t into batman and super heroes its still a good show!


Cool been waiting on it to get on there


Yeah I absolutely love Gotham though the Bruce parts are the weakest part to me. Season 2 got off to a good start.


i thought the season 2 premiere was REALLY good.


Yup. Good show I am still watching it.


yeah I thought so too! I’m really excited about season two after the opener!


They really ramped up the villains tonight.


watched the 2nd episode tonight
I think they are going a little over the top with insinuating that this kid is the Joker. Seeing barbara all psycho is pretty awesome tho, really like where that plot thread was going. All in all it was a lot of set up… poeple dying… others doing stuff… but nothing actually happening.


you mean he isn’t the joker?


i dont believe so.


I liked the episode and thought the kid was doing a good job.


nope not the joker of obvious reasons. but i like the ending with it being “contagious”.


troof i like how that blur thing works. kudos to whoever did that!


Using it to set up the actual Joker I presume.


I was confused about that. I thought the jokers real name was Jack Napier. I have no fuckin clue who that Jerome kid is supposed to be. But then again, I’ve only seen like 3 or 4 episodes from the series. I honestly think the series is a grouping of a bunch of random Batman Cliche’s. A bunch of, Future blah blah, meet the future blah blah blah blah. Like this scene for example…

This entire scene was pointless. The only reason why this scene was there was because they wanted to have “future riddler, meet the future penguin.”


Gotham is just a small world for evil bad guys.


I don’t overly worry about the lore when watching it. I really like this show.


What do you guys think? I personally like the show, but feel they are jumping ahead too much with certain characters.

[spoiler]Gotham‘s second season placed a strong emphasis on its villain characters and it looks to be going even further with season 3. Based on the ending of the previous season, which found Professor Hugo Strange’s test subjects at the Indian Hill facility escaping into Gotham city, the TV show’s origins for Batman’s greatest enemies seem to be coming ever more into focus.

Given the direction that the TV show is taking, it also means finding the right actors for each part. While audiences may only have some clues as to which members of Batman’s rogues gallery to expect, one already-established character is going to definitely play a larger part. Poison Ivy has been a recurring character in the past two seasons of Gotham, but she will now be promoted to a series regular. With that, it also means the show has recast the role to better suit what is required in season 3.

According to TVLine, it appears Gotham has cast All My Children alum Maggie Geha in the role. Geha will be replacing Clare Foley, which brings into question how the show plans to handle the sudden growth of the character in age. This information has actually been revealed as well. Ivy will have an encounter with one of the monstrous test subjects, leading to her growth and newfound abilities. This will allow the now-19-year old Ivy to unleash her new powers on Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), who she will be having more of an eye on.

Along with other recent casting additions and the announcement of the Mad Hatter’s impending arrival in the series, Gotham continues to strive for establishing an entire TV universe featuring new and familiar characters. Ivy has had very little to do so far in this series, so this change could be for the better. Comic fans may still feel a bit at odds with how so many of Batman’s notable villains are being established at a time well before Batman exists, but the success of this FOX series is certainly pushing the series towards establishing its own continuity, twisting around the established comic book mythos in the process.

Gotham has had mixed results with the treatment of various characters thus far. Depending on how devoted the show has been to proper development, many issues have arisen due to a lack of better understanding. Others have worked well. Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) was a series breakout in the show’s first season and the second season certainly did its best to make more out of Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith). The female characterization on this series, however, has never been the strongest (Erin Richards’ Barbara Kean comes to mind). Perhaps putting more authority on Ivy and how she interacts with Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) and others will help the series expand in this area.

One also has to wonder what kind of impact Foley left on the character of Ivy. Fans may actually prefer the young, frumpy presentation of the character and reject the new take, regardless of how much more in line with traditional comic book versions of Poison Ivy the Geha version may be. Ideally this highly-stylized series will just be able to get a better grip on how to best utilize the rich comic source material it has to work with.[/spoiler]

Gotham season 3 begins September 19th, 2016 on FOX.


They are speeding up to the point that they will need Batman.