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Gooodddd morning Vietnam


Hi all Diggla here, compulsory intro post :wink:

I’m based in the UK and play on PS4, mainly evenings and weekends, games I play:
Battlefield 5
Red Dead 2

Mainly on the Battlefield grind atm though, so add me up and let’s take some heads


Peace x



This is perfect.
I’m in UK, on PS4 and was just talking about how I needed people to play BFV with, since I’m not enjoying it so much with randos.

Will add you on PSN (Olz_3).
We also have a Discord server (for chatting) and a PS community (just to make adding people easier).


Welcome man! I will shoot you a request also (omgitsrabb).


Welcome to GRG!


Cheers gents, I feel your pain unobtainaballs ive been trying help my squads and the favour isn’t returned :joy::joy::joy:

Sweet as, I’m on already so ready when you are #keen


Welcome to the community




Welcome to GRG! I’ll shoot you over a FR psn = soinzane


Welcome aboard.


Welcome :+1: