Good Evening!

Hello folks, I’m a 43 year old software developer. I’m a husband and father. I’m avid pc gamer and some on xbox one. I save FPS for PC. I play lots of CODMW HCTDM and Warzone, Escape from Tarkov, BF4, FC5, and PubG, etc… Hit me up, my tags are in my bio. i’m looking forward to getting in some good games with you guys and building a gaming family. thanks!


Welcome to GRG! @PCGamers get him added.

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Hello and welcome, nice to meet you.

Hey and welcome aboard! We have a cross platform CoD MW community nights on Wednesdays starting at 9pm est. Great way to get to know everyone.

Welcome welcome

Welcome to GRG

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG! I added you on XBL and look forward to gaming with you!!

Welcome to GRG