Good day to you fine sirs....

Good Day Friends!
My good friend Andrew, aka Savvy aka fucktard aka shithead aka lover of penis mentioned to me last night the he had joined a community of people like himself to play games with that care more about vulgar personal insults than actual skill level. That and a few of you had the privilege of playing with my old man, the 67 year old def blind gamer TrickyRicky48 who we have dubbed HardMode based on his K/D ratio in Iron Banner (just kidding old man!)…and survived! After hearing that and the rave review that my old man gave the guys he was playing with i decided, why not join this band of ugly muther fuckers to laugh share and cry while playing a few of my favorite games that have almost ended my marriage numerous times!
Currently you will find me playing BF4, Rainbow Six Siege, and of course the ender of marriages - Destiny and patiently waiting for the Division, which I am looking forward to teabaggin ppl in the darkzone.

PSN - JiggyFat

Looking forward to some gaming with you GRGers



Welcome to GRG!

welcome to the asylum the house of madness. beyond these doors insanity waits

Welcome to the Party. Most of us are getting The division, till then i’m playing plants Vs Zombies.

PSN: Audible__Silence

Ontario, home of the largest debt in the world!

Great intro. However, I’m not an “ugly motherfucker”. Your mom finds me quite charming and attractive.

Welcome to GRG!

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I prefer “MooseKnuckle Patrol” waaayooooo

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don’t get La La started on Bacon

Ahhh fuck, now no one will carry me in IB because you mentioned me. Thanks a lot you small peckered ginger!

P.S. Welcome to the greatest shit show on earth!

fuck, i left the ginger part out for a REASON!!!

Did I mention my wife is watching Fuller House right now and I want to end myself…




Also. Another ginger? Looks like there could be competition …

But this one actually has no soul…

I heard its like watching a bad porno… but without the sex…

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I also don’t feel pain

Its basically worst parts of the bible…

So you can handle the really big dildos then?
Good to know…

Welcome man.

If I happen to team up with anyone tonight you can all listen to the misery in the bakground!