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Good afternoon all


A little about me…hmmm…
Well, I’ve played every BF in the franchise, sucked at all of them, and I’m loving BFV. When not playing BF, I’m playing EVEonline, although currently inactive on EVE. BF2 has been my all time favorite to date, followed closely by 2142, BFV is too new to know where it lands on my list of favorites.
Well, I’m older than dirt to start. Married with kids…lots of kids. Usually kind of quiet on comms, but can be prone to randomly throwing out a good recipe for chocolate cake if my character is trapped and doomed. Older kids call me “Grumpalot” and I can be sarcastic in a thanks captain obvious way, haha.
I believe to get the most out of ANY game, is to be with a group of like minded players who know how to have fun, but still get the job done.
Most of my gaming experience is in the AU time zone, but brought the family back to US recently.
That’s probably more info than anybody wanted, but now you have it.
Look forward to being part of the GrG community


Welcome aboard. Get him on your list @battlefieldplayers and @PS4Players


Welcome man I’ll add you PS4.




Welcome to the community. Feel free to jump in any parties that GRG members have open. No invite needed.


Thank you, was actually just wondering if there is a GRG platoon on PS4 BFV


I think @rabb was trying to figure this out the other day. I want BFV but may wait for Xmas but am likely going to get it for PS4.


Welcome to the clan. You must be told that even though you might think you are grumpy , just wait till you meet Lala , the leader of this band of misfits.



Will add you on PS4 (Olz_3).
I haven’t yet managed to launch BFV but I’ll figure out the platoons bit when I can.

If we don’t already have a platoon, we will create one.




Welcome to the asylum sir!!!
Friend Request on the way


Welcome to GRG!

I’ll shoot you a FR shortly. PSN soinzane


As I was reading his intro I swear I was thinking the same thing @HAWKLANDER






Welcome to the club got a friend request headed your way.