GodofBiscuits/Weekend Warrior Stream info


Hey all. I’ve been getting more into streaming as of late. Most of my free time is on weekend evenings, hence the stream name. Come hang out and have a few cocktails with me and we can squad up if you’re interested. Friday/Saturday 8pm - 1am CST, Sunday 3-6pm CST.

Stream Page - http://www.mixer.com/Weekend_Warrior
Discord - https://discord.gg/Nk69CR5

Suggestions are always appreciated!


Is it ok to add you into the GRG stream announcements in chat? (we like to ask first).

Also, I’ll have to look into adding Mixer users into the GRG Team. @beers_and_leafs is the only one that can atm.


Of course, as long as you don’t mind my ridiculous shenanigans!